Expository Essay Outline, 说明文提纲

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Limited subject: The impact of video games on children 有限主题:电子游戏对儿童的影响Type of essay: Cause and effect 论文类型:因果

Type of introduction: Funnel 介绍类型:漏斗

Thesis statement: Despite receiving a wide condemnation from a section of the society, video games have both positive and negative impacts on children. 论文陈述:尽管受到社会各界的广泛谴责,但电子游戏对儿童有正面和负面的影响。

BP1 Topic sentence: Video games improve children’s ability to think and make decisions faster. BP1主题句:电子游戏可以提高孩子的思考能力和更快地做出决定。

Support – video games improves children’s ability to coordinate their hands and eyes and as such, be able to initiate a particular action with a high level of accuracy in a shorter time. 支持–视频游戏提高了儿童协调手和眼的能力,因此能够在较短时间内以较高的准确度启动特定动作。

BP2 Topic sentence: Video plays a critical role in introducing children to technology. BP2主题句:视频在向儿童介绍技术方面起着关键作用。

Support – It enables children to adapt easily to different forms technology. 支持–它使儿童能够轻松适应不同形式的技术。

• It provides a platform for children to easily learn using technology.  它为儿童提供了一个平台,让他们可以轻松地使用技术学习。

• It improves children’s ability to be creative when using technology. 它提高了儿童在使用技术时的创造力。

BP3 Topic sentence: Video games could promote antisocial behaviour among children. BP3主题句:电子游戏可以促进儿童的反社会行为。

Support: When children are exposed to some form of video games, they are likely to learn the negative behaviour of characters in these games leading to development of antisocial behaviours. 支持:当儿童接触某种形式的电子游戏时,他们可能会在这些游戏中学习角色的消极行为,从而导致反社会行为的发展。

• Children who play violent video games are likely to be aggressive and violent. 玩暴力视频游戏的儿童可能具有攻击性和暴力性。

• Video games can undermine the ability of children to learn from family members and friends and thus seclude them. 电子游戏会削弱儿童向家人和朋友学习的能力,从而使他们与世隔绝。

Conclusion 结论

Parents should be more involved in choosing video games for their children and monitoring them to ensure these games do not promote negative behaviour among them.