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Arguably, the use of popular music and crowds of people in this brand’s campaigns provides a platform to understand the major target consumers of its products on the market as well as the message of these advertising campaigns. An analysis of the crowds of people used in this brand’s advertising campaigns indicates that most of them are young and are often agitated in some way. For example, an advert that was published on Pepsi India’s YouTube channel features young people in a demonstration against a hike in education fees. No one is able to calm them but when they see one of them drinking a Pepsi drink, they calm down (Pepsi India 2015). A similar message is also carried in an advert that targeted this firms young consumers in the United Kingdom in which it is portrayed that by drinking Pepsi, one would be able to see the world from a new dimension, thus escaping from its chaotic nature that people experience on a daily basis (Pepsi Max 2013). In this case, it is clear from this advert that Pepsi targets the young people and it promotes the message that it is capable of bringing refreshment in the midst of chaos.

可以说,在该品牌的宣传活动中使用流行音乐和人群提供了一个平台,可以了解其产品在市场上的主要目标消费者以及这些广告活动的信息。对该品牌广告活动中使用的人群的分析表明,他们中的大多数人都是年轻人,并且经常以某种方式感到不安。例如,在百事印度的YouTube频道上发布的一则广告中,年轻人参加了反对提高教育费用的示威游行。没有人能让他们平静下来,但当他们看到其中一人喝百事可乐时,他们会冷静下来(百事印度2015)。一则针对该公司在英国的年轻消费者的广告也传达了类似的信息,广告中描述,通过喝百事可乐,人们将能够从一个新的角度看待世界,从而摆脱人们每天都会经历的混乱本质(百事Max 2013)。在这种情况下,从这则广告中可以清楚地看出,百事可乐的目标是年轻人,它宣传的信息是,百事可乐能够在混乱中带来点心。

Importantly, there is a need to observe that among the major forms of advertising that Pepsi uses includes traditional, digital and social advertising. In reference to Elsey and Harris (2016), despite the fact that Pepsi is working towards embracing other forms of advertising particular digital market and social advertising, it still invest in traditional form of marketing, particularly the television, with the aim of reaching out to children, adolescents and young people. However, as Zolkifly, Yusof and Baharom (2017) point out, the budgetary allocation to traditional advertising by Pepsi continues to reduce since the other forms of advertising are cost effective as compared to this form of advertising. On the other hand, Pepsi is increasingly relying on digital and social advertising as a way to communicate with its target consumers. In reference to McStay (2016), this company is increasingly using digital and social advertising tools such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to promote its advertising activities. Furthermore, in order to enhance the effectiveness of digital and social advertising, Pepsi often employs the services of influencers and celebrity endorsement in their advertising activities (McStay 2016). For instance, in its Pepsi Max advertisements, this company involved a gymnast Damien Walters as its influencer, who by 2016 had approximately 515,000 followers.

重要的是,需要注意的是,百事使用的主要广告形式包括传统、数字和社交广告。关于Elsey和Harris(2016年),尽管百事致力于拥抱其他形式的广告,特别是数字市场和社会广告,但百事仍投资于传统形式的营销,特别是电视,旨在接触儿童、青少年和年轻人。然而,正如Zolkifly、Yusof和Baharom(2017)指出的那样,百事可乐对传统广告的预算分配继续减少,因为与这种广告形式相比,其他形式的广告具有成本效益。另一方面,百事日益依赖数字和社交广告作为与目标消费者沟通的方式。关于McStay(2016年),该公司越来越多地使用YouTube、Twitter和Facebook等数字和社交广告工具来宣传其广告活动。此外,为了提高数字和社交广告的有效性,百事可乐经常在其广告活动中使用影响者和名人代言服务(McStay 2016)。例如,在百事Max的广告中,这家公司有一位体操运动员达米恩·沃尔特斯(Damien Walters)作为其影响者,到2016年,他拥有约515000名追随者。

Apart from advertising, Pepsi also engages in sales promotion as a way to communicate with its target consumers. Arguably, this company often carries short term promotion activities to boost both its sales as well as brand and product awareness. With this in mind, its sales promotion activities include giving gifts to its customers. For example, this company gives gifts to its customers who purchase one or more bottles of its beverages such as crown scheme, openers and free soft drinks among others (Singh and Sahin 2017). Similarly, there is a need to observe that in some cases, Pepsi often gives free mobile phone airtime to its target consumers during some of its promotional activities as a way to encourage them to purchase more of its drink products. Importantly, one of the critical aspects to note about Pepsi’s sales promotion activities is the fact that these activities have been instrumental in helping boost the sales of this company. In addition, these sales activities have often been relied upon by the firm to enhance the attitude of its customers, both new and existing ones, towards its products.

除了广告,百事可乐还从事促销活动,作为与目标消费者沟通的一种方式。可以说,这家公司经常进行短期促销活动,以提高其销售额以及品牌和产品知名度。有鉴于此,其促销活动包括向客户赠送礼品。例如,该公司向购买一瓶或多瓶其饮料的客户赠送礼品,如crown scheme、开瓶器和免费软饮料等(Singh和Sahin 2017)。同样,需要注意的是,在某些情况下,百事可乐经常在一些促销活动中向其目标消费者提供免费的手机通话时间,以鼓励他们购买更多的饮料产品。重要的是,百事可乐的促销活动需要注意的一个重要方面是,这些活动有助于促进该公司的销售。此外,公司经常依靠这些销售活动来提高新客户和现有客户对其产品的态度。

There are other forms of marketing communication that Pepsi engages in to engage its consumers. Among these include public relations activities. An analysis of Pepsi’s marketing communication reveals that the company often engages in publicity and public relations activities in order to enhance its image among its target consumers (Tilson 2017). For instance, Pepsi often organizes events in different markets across the globe as a way to capture the attention of its target consumers. Such events mainly include sports and games, which are mainly promoted through print media and social media platforms. In addition, it is critical to observe that these events are organized at different levels depending on the market. For example, whereas the company organizes events to create publicity at a national or even international level in some markets, in others the company only focuses on local markets. Apart from games events, this multinational corporation also organizes dance and music events mainly through offering sponsorship for such events, thus helping the company to improve its corporate image (Scott 2014). Furthermore, such sponsorship often targets specific markets with the aim of improving sales as well as increasing the interests of such markets in its products.
百事可乐还参与了其他形式的营销传播,以吸引消费者。其中包括公共关系活动。对百事可乐营销传播的分析表明,该公司经常从事宣传和公关活动,以提升其在目标消费者中的形象(Tilson 2017)。例如,百事可乐经常在全球不同的市场组织活动,以此吸引目标消费者的注意力。此类活动主要包括体育和游戏,主要通过印刷媒体和社交媒体平台进行推广。此外,重要的是要注意,这些活动是根据市场的不同级别组织的。例如,尽管公司在某些市场组织活动以在甚至国际层面上进行宣传,但在其他市场,公司只关注当地市场。除了奥运会活动外,这家跨国公司还主要通过为此类活动提供赞助来组织舞蹈和音乐活动,从而帮助该公司改善其企业形象(Scott 2014)。此外,此类赞助通常针对特定市场,目的是提高销售额,并增加此类市场对其产品的兴趣。