影视学论文代写,Crash 《撞车》

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Crash is a 2004 film that was directed by Paul Haggis. The events in the film takes place within a period of two days, and causes the lives of people from different racial and economic to intermingle in different aspects. The film begins with a scene accident between two police officers, Detective Graham Waters, a black man, and his partner, Ria, who is of Latino descent. The other driver of the car that was involved in the accident is a lady of Asian descent. In this scene, Ria exchange racial insults with the lady of Asian descent. In another scene, a man and his daughter are in a gun store purchasing a revolver and when they fail to agree on the kind of bullets to purchase, the shop owner calls them Osama since they were of Arab descent. The film also features two black carjackers who justify their actions by noting that since they were black, they were disadvantaged in society and as a result, they have no choice but to steal as a means of their livelihoods. Similarly, the film also captures the life of a black filmmaker and his wife who conflict with each other because the wife thinks that he does not like his black background and as such, does not support it. In addition to this, among the characters who standout in the film is a Caucasian policeman John Ryan, who maintains a negative attitude towards people from other races irrespective of whether they are his colleagues or strangers. Importantly, the basic plot of this film are the tensions that emerge when people from different racial backgrounds interacts with each other. Notably, some people thought they were superior in the film because of their race, while others used race as a justification for engaging in criminal activities. Thus racial tensions, economic welfare of people in society based on their racial background, and wealth distribution in society are the dominant themes in this film.


B. MEDIA: 媒体

Crash was released in 2004 and the entire casting of the movie was filmed done in color. Despite using color, there is a need to observe that a significant number of scenes in the film were shot at night and as such, there is a significant utilization of dark brown and black colors as a way to portray different activities in the film that occurred at night. Importantly, this film can be classified as a drama, thriller and crime movie. Apart from color and genre, music also played a critical role in this film. Note that a significant portion of music in this film is instrumental music, which was played at different tempo depending with the scene. For example, at the beginning of the film in a scene where Detective Waters is at crime scene where a body had been found, the producer used slow music to complement the characters’ emotions, who had little or slow movement. However, in a different scene where two black men steal a car, the producer used instrumental music with a quicker tempo as a way to attract the attention of the audience to the action that was taking place. Therefore, the producer uses music to control the actual actions of characters in this movie. Importantly, the movie features classical, jazz and R&B as the main music in the film.


Similarly, Crash used various special effects to highlight certain elements. Among the major special effects that are used in the film include explosion and gunfire. In this regard, there are a number of scenes where the producer used gun sound to show how the issue of racial tensions and inequality in society could lead to deaths when two or more opposing groups clash. In addition to gun sounds, the producers also used sounds of screeching vehicle tires to indicate how fast characters were moving in the scene. For example, in the scene where two black men steal a car at gunpoint, the audience will hear screeching tires as the black men drove away with breathtaking speed. Apart from sounds, the producers used darkness and shadows as well as dull colors to point out the fact that most of the scenes in the film occur at night.