How and why have World’s Fairs changed between the nineteenth and early twenty-first centuries? 世界博览

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2. Why might a destination develop an events portfolio as a strategy? Illustrate your answer with an example.


Over the years, there has been a significant increase in global competition as far as using events to attract visitors and/or tourists to destinations. To counter these challenges, some destinations have begun developing event portfolio as a strategy to enhance their attractiveness. To begin with, one of the factors that motivate destinations to develop event portfolios as a strategy is as a result of the fact that individual events are increasingly losing their capability to sustain their benefits for long periods. For instance, individual events such as the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup are incapable of promoting their benefits to the host nations long after they have ended. Therefore, to maintain their attractiveness long after such big events are over, destinations may be forced to create event portfolio in order to continue attracting visitors. For example, some of the visitors who attend events such as the FIFA World Cup or the Olympic Games may return back to a destination if they feel there are other events that can be explored in such an area. Therefore, destinations can achieve sustain their attractiveness in the long run by packaging their events as a portfolio rather than relying on single events.


Similarly, destination can develop events portfolio as a way to attract a wide range of visitors. In this regard, single events hosted in a particular destination will only manage to attract visitors who are interested in these specific events. For instance, if a destination relies only on a particular form of music as a way to market itself, it will only manage to attract visitors have specific interests in such music. This could undermine the destination to sustain its economic growth and develop in the long run particular if the number of target visitors who are interested in the specific event decline. However, through creation of an events portfolio, the destination will be able to cushion itself against low growth and development in the event that one of the events experiences a decline in visitors. For example, a destination that combines tourism, a wide range of cultural activities, business events, music, sports and art among others into a portfolio will not only attract a wide range of visitors but it will also sustain its attractiveness as a destination both in the short and long run.


4. How have the exhibitions staged at the Bendigo Art Gallery changed that city’s image and encouraged tourism? 本迪戈美术馆举办的展览如何改变了该城市的形象并鼓励了旅游业?

The events that are held in a particular destination could be instrumental in helping encourage visitors to flock to the place and engage in different activities such as tourism. Speaking from this point of view, the exhibitions staged at the Bendigo Art Gallery have helped improve the city’s image and encourage tourism in a way of ways. To begin with, these exhibitions often attract a large number of people who visit to enjoy different forms of art. With this in mind, rather than just depending on this single event as a destination, the city of Bendigo has focused on promoting its cultural tourism to visitors who come to exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery. By doing this, the city has managed to attract the exhibition visitors to other destinations within the city. For example, to enhance its cultural tourism, the city has focused on enhancing its night-time experience, thus encouraging visitors to exhibitions at the Bendigo Art Gallery to spend the night in this city. In this regard, these exhibitions have helped portray Bendigo as a city with great night-time experiences.