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There are different areas that are critical to that students need to focus on to achieve success in their studies. Among these areas include time management, practicing good study skills including note taking, setting goals, early preparation for each lecture through reading ahead, attempting to solve some problems, and reviewing notes. Notably, for one to succeed in academic studies, one needs to master these skills. From my personal perspective, I strongly think that as a student, I need to masters the skills of scheduling and better utilization of my time, as well as acquire priority management skills.


Similarly, another skill that I think is critical in helping me achieve success in my studies is early preparation for each lecture by reviewing notes, noting down questions on what I am learning in class, and reading ahead in the text. Note that mastering these skills plays a critical role in helping me gain awareness on what I am learning, as well as position me to easily ask questions and seek clarifications in areas that I have little understanding in. In addition to these skills, I agree that one needs to learn to enhance his study skills such as better preparation for exams as well as note taking when revising the study content. Such skills should be coupled with better utilization of campus resources.


I also strongly agree that one need to learn to set clear academic goals. In this case, rather than just engaging in the learning process without defining guidelines, one needs to set goals to act as the guiding boundaries in his studies. This is because by setting goals, one is able to determine whether he is making progress or not based on the existing goals. In addition, I strong agree that one should be highly motivated by the rewards that graduating with better grades brings to his life. Speaking from this point of view, my average score of the success skills is 1.5. This means that I either agree or strongly agree that the selected skills are critical to academic success.


Importantly, there are two critical skills that I really need to improve if I am to succeed in my studies. These are scheduling and better utilization of my time, and setting clear academic goals. Notably, whereas I value the importance of better utilization of time and setting of priority, I often face challenges in effectively allocating my time to different tasks. I think this is as a result of the fact that I often focus on achieving many tasks at once rather than working on one task at a time. Therefore, to improve this skill, I plan to change my perception that I am able to multitask. As such, I plan to only focus on working on one task at ago rather than working on multiple tasks all at once. With regard to setting goals, I have found that if I consider a course to be easy, I often fail to set goals. On the other hand, I often set unrealistic goals for complex courses. Speaking from this point of view, I plan to use models such as Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely (SMART) to set my goals. This will help me ensure that I have a way of determining whether the goals I have set are realistic, and whether I am on the path towards achieving them.