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The Information Age, an era in the late 20th and early 21st century that witnessed a shift from overreliance on the traditional industrial economy to reliance on an economy that build on information technology, laid a foundation for emergence of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the modern society. Among these is Jack Ma, one of the most successful Chinese entrepreneurs. Despite the fact that Ma does not have an educational background in technology, he managed to create one of the leading ecommerce, internet, artificial intelligence and retail conglomerate, Alibaba. Notably, Ma did not just overcome his limitation in technology but also managed to rise above aspects such as poverty and English language challenges to emerge as the one of the most influential persons in the business world. Therefore, he is not just a successful business mogul in China but also the richest man in China.


One of the key factors that contributed to Jack Ma’s success is his persistency. An analysis of his “”rags to riches” journey details a man who was determined to achieve success in life despite the difficulties he encountered along the way. In this regard, Ma faced numerous incidences of failure and rejection in life but rather than giving up, he persisted even more to make his life better. Whereas some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the technology field such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are hailed for their genius minds and great inventions, Ma’s success is not associated in any way with any invention in the technology field. On the contrary, Ma recounts that he failed many times in life, including failing a college entrance exam. Similarly, when he applied for a police job, he was rejected on the basis that he was not good enough. He applied for over 30 different jobs. However, none of them was willing to employ him. Therefore, persistency played a critical role in guaranteeing his success. Apart from persistency, one can attribute Ma’s success with his ability to spot opportunities and his willingness to take risks. Note that after being introduced to the internet and learning about its capability, Ma perceived that this technology presented an opportunity to transform different aspects of China business environment. Whereas at that time the Chinese community was resistant as far as using the internet to transform businesses, Ma did not give up. On the contrary, he not only helped other businesses learn more about how they could use the internet to boost their businesses but also provide a platform upon which traders or rather businesses could easily connect either to other businesses or to their target customers.


 Whereas people are motivated by different factors in their lives such as savings to purchase a house or a dream car, or engaging in certain activities in order to satisfy certain desires, Ma was motivated by the hope of a better future. In this case, Ma had a philosophy that whereas today life is difficult and tomorrow even more difficult, the day after tomorrow will bring good tidings. This means that since he thought that his future was bright despite the setbacks he had encountered in life, he chose not to give up. Later on, this approach to life played a critical role in helping him enhance Alibaba’s success. Note that when this business was only 18 months away from going bankrupt, rather than give up and either sell it to a bigger investor who could turn it around, or just wait for the business to collapse, Ma held on his company and implemented different measures not only to put it out of bankruptcy but also enhance its success on the Chinese ecommerce market.