Reflection 反射

发表于:2022-08-17 17:38:48 范文

One of the factors that play a critical role in learning is gaining insights on whether one is making progress or not. This can be achieved through reflecting on different aspects and processes of learning including feedback and comments from tutors and fellow students. In my case, the review and comments that I received on my first assignment have been critical in helping me improve my writing skills and as such, improve the quality of my second writing assignment. For instance, in my first assignment, I thought that using quotes in the introductory paragraph will help enhance the credibility of my essay.


However, through feedback from my tutor, I realised that if I needed to use any reference in my introduction section, I need to paraphrase it. Apart from this, the tutor’s comments raised a concern on how I introduce my arguments and sustain them throughout the essay. This comment created an opportunity for me to seek to learn how to develop my arguments in my essay. I think I have improved significantly and this is reflected in my second essay whereby I assigned each argument to its own paragraph.
Apart from the tutor’s comments, I also used Grammarly and Turnitin to evaluate my grammar and determine plagiarism level in my work. Note that through use of Grammarly, I noticed that I faced a challenge with tense in my sentences. For example, I had mixed past and present tense, thus making my work difficult to read. However, the use of Grammarly helped me correct these and other grammar mistakes, and as such, I think I have improved significantly as far as grammar is concerned. In addition to Grammarly, I also used Turnitin. I think this tool is critical for every writer since it helps in identifying areas whereas one has plagiarised other people’s work. Therefore, through its use, I managed to reduce the percentage rate of plagiarism in my work, thus improving its quality and credibility.