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Since the late 1990s and the early 2000, there has been a significant increase in the number of who have access to the internet connection. As result, the internet has had a significant impact on different areas in the political, social and economic lives of people across the globe. One of the critical aspects that are synonymous with the internet and complementary technologies such as smartphones and personal computers is the emergence of creative people who have brought a revolution in different fields. Among these fields is ecommerce. In reference to Alqahtani, Al‐Badi and Mayhew (2012, p.1), the proliferation of technology in society has transformed the way businesses and organizations across the globe transact both with each other as well as with a wide array of their target consumers. This paper consider ecommerce as a field that thrives on the existence of the internet, as well as Jack Ma as a creative individuals who has had a significant influence on ecommerce as a field.

自1990年代末和2000年初以来,接入互联网的人数显著增加。因此,互联网对全球人民政治、社会和经济生活的不同领域产生了重大影响。与互联网和智能手机和个人电脑等互补技术同义的一个关键方面是创造性人才的出现,他们在不同领域带来了一场革命。这些领域包括电子商务。关于Alqahtani、Al-Badi和Mayhew(2012年,第1页),技术在社会中的扩散已经改变了全球企业和组织之间以及与众多目标消费者之间的交易方式。本文认为电子商务是一个蓬勃发展的领域,互联网的存在,以及Jack Ma作为一个创造性的个人谁曾对电子商务作为一个领域的重大影响。

Jack Ma is a Chinese internet business investor and philanthropist who have not only transformed the Chinese ecommerce industry but the entire industry across the globe. To begin with, the growth of the Chinese ecommerce industry, which is often perceived in terms of business to consumer (B2C) and/or business to business to consumer (B2B2C), owes a significant portion of its success to Jack Ma (Yu & LI, 2016, 1). Arguably, whereas the global markets particularly in North America and Europe were experiencing a transformation because of the internet in the early to mid-2000s, the Chinese market was adamant to adopt the internet as a core technology in support its business environment. In reference to Tan, Tyler and Manica (2007, p.332), the Chinese restricted access to the internet and personal computers because of low trust in the internet, inadequate enterprise-wide platform for sharing information, and lack of tolerance towards failure and inability to adapt to rapid change. Whereas this is the case, when Jack Ma realized the power of the internet, he was quick to embrace it. Whereas inventors were moving to Silicon Valley in California, United States, Ma opted to focus on his own home country irrespective of the challenges he was bound to face from both the government and the Chinese community.

马云(Jack Ma)是一位中国互联网企业投资者和慈善家,他不仅改变了中国的电子商务行业,也改变了全球的整个行业。首先,中国电子商务行业的增长,通常被认为是企业对消费者(B2C)和/或企业对企业对消费者(B2B2C)的增长,其成功很大一部分归功于马云(Yu&LI,2016,1)。可以说,全球市场,特别是北美和欧洲市场,在21世纪初到中期因互联网而经历了一场变革,而中国市场则坚持将互联网作为支持其商业环境的核心技术。参考Tan、Tyler和Manica(2007年,第332页),中国人限制互联网和个人电脑的访问,原因是对互联网的信任度低,企业范围内的信息共享平台不足,对失败缺乏容忍,无法适应快速变化。事实就是这样,当马云意识到互联网的力量时,他很快就接受了它。当发明家们搬到美国加利福尼亚州的硅谷时,马云选择专注于自己的祖国,而不管他必然会面临来自政府和华人社区的挑战。

Jack Ma grew up in a communist China, which was largely isolated by the western countries because of its association with the Soviet Union. His family came from a low income background without any political connection and as such, Ma barely had access to basic needs. As he grew up, Ma realized that the only way he could make it in life was to enroll for college education and as such, position himself for employment either in the public or private sector. While this is the case, Ma failed the college entrance exams two times (Lee & Song, 2016, p.16). Therefore, one could easily have rated him as a failure during his childhood years. Importantly, one of his greatest early achievements was learning English. In this case, when the United States President Richard Nixon came to Hangzhou in 1972, he brought this region to the limelight and tourists began visiting thereafter (van Dijk et al., 2013, p.72). Ma perceived this an opportunity to learn English and as such, he would offer free tour services to tourists in exchange for English lesson. Furthermore, it is important to point out that one of the greatest factors that inspired Ma is rejection. Notably, as a young person, he applied for placement t Harvard University and was rejected ten times (Lee & Song, 2016, p.16). In another case, he applied for the job to become a police officer and everyone else was picked except him. Arguably, the more he was rejected, the more he gained strength to fight for what he believed in life.

马云在共产主义中国长大,由于与苏联的联系,共产主义中国在很大程度上被西方孤立。他的家庭出身于低收入家庭,没有任何政治联系,因此,马云几乎没有基本的生活需要。随着年龄的增长,马云意识到,他能在生活中取得成功的途径就是接受大学教育,并因此在公共或私营部门找到工作。在这种情况下,马云两次没有通过高考(Lee&Song,2016,第16页)。因此,人们很容易将他评为童年时期的失败者。重要的是,他早期最伟大的成就之一就是学习英语。在这种情况下,当美国总统理查德·尼克松1972年来到杭州时,他将该地区带到了聚光灯下,此后游客开始参观(van Dijk等人,2013年,第72页)。马认为这是一个学习英语的机会,因此,他将为游客提供免费的旅游服务,以换取英语课。此外,重要的是要指出,激发Ma的更大因素之一是拒绝。值得注意的是,作为一名年轻人,他申请了哈佛大学的实习,并被拒绝了十次(Lee&Song,2016,第16页)。在另一起案件中,他申请成为一名警官,除他之外,其他人都被选中。可以说,他被拒绝的次数越多,他就越有力量为自己的人生信念而奋斗。