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Importantly, one of the critical themes that emerge in The Piano is related to feminism. In this regard, this film explores the challenges that women face in society as far as sexuality is concerned. In particular, the film promotes the aspect that in the traditional society, patriarchy ruled the woman’s life to the point of making critical decisions for women such as marriage.  For example, from the film, Ada’s father marries her off to a man she was not acquainted with.  Therefore, she does not make her own choice as far as her sexual life is concerned. Whereas this is the case, one of the aspects the Campion emphasises in the film is the fact that despite the challenges that women go through in life, they can still find their redemption from the cruelty of a man’s world. Notably, whereas most works of art that portray the plight of women in society only focus on cruelty that encounter in their lives on a daily basis, most often fail to show women overcoming such cruelty. In other others, most of these creative works only manages to raise awareness on the challenges that women face in society without necessarily indicating whether it is possible for women to overcome such challenges. However, in the case of The Piano, Campion shows at the end of the this film that Ada manages to come out of the arranged marriage and get married to Baines, the man she truly loved in her life.  Furthermore, at the end of this film, Campion captures Ada learning to play the piano again after replacing her disfigured finger that was chopped off by her husband as a punishment with a silver prosthesis.  Therefore, through her work, Campion promotes the aspect that despite going through challenges that undermine their status in society, women can still emerge as victors through persistence.


An analysis of the feminism theme in Campion’s film, The Piano, reveals a number of issues concerning Hollywood cinema. To begin with, The Piano is critical to understanding of Hollywood cinema as a platform for alternative public sphere. Researchers and scholars agree that for the work of art to be perceived as an alternative public sphere, it must be able to provide a platform for individuals in society with identical challenges to come together and discuss such challenges without any external influence or limitations and as such, focus on ways of addressing them.  With this in mind, Campion’s work and as such, Hollywood Cinema, provides a platform for women to discuss different issues that affect them especially with regard to sexuality. Notably, in the traditional society, women are forbidden from seeking companionship and sex outside their marriages irrespective of whether they are happy or not. For example, one would expect that in the society that Ada was living in, she was bound to her husband despite the fact that by the time she falls in love with Baines, she had not had any sexual relations with her husband. Note that her husband was more committed to making more money from his land than in ensuring her happiness.  Therefore, The Piano plays a critical role in promoting the aspect that Hollywood cinema has grown into an alternative public space that marginalised groups in society can discuss pertinent issues that concerns them without the fear of restraint. For instance, women, irrespective of their social status, have an opportunity through The Piano to discuss whether they are the property of men, and how they can free themselves from the traditional shackles that make men perceive them as property and sexual objects rather than being respected as human beings.


The acceptance of The Piano among different audiences and particularly among the feminists also raises this film’s significance for understanding censorship as an aspect of Hollywood cinema. Notably, since its establishment in the early 20th century, the film and cinema industry has consistently raised concerns regarding the content and themes that are appropriate for society. In this regards, there have been consistent debates from different quarters regarding what film producers and directors ought to permit in their work in order to refrain from offending the target audiences. In the past, Hollywood cinema was perceived as a form of media that promotes women delinquency in society and as such, film directors and producers were encourage to rewrite and edit scripts to ensure that the content they produced appealed to everyone in society.  However, the increasing appreciation of Campion and her work, particularly, The Piano, is an indication that Hollywood cinema is growing away from adhering to “censorship standards” of the conservatives in society to creating content the goes against societal expectation in order to address different pertinent issues that affect different groups in society.