Launching a New Smart Watch: Integrated Global Marketing Plan, 推出新智能手表,整合全球营销计划,经济学论文代写

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Table of Contents 目录

Executive Summary (200 words) 执行摘要

1. Business Mission 商业使命

2. External Marketing Audit 外部营销审计

Macro environment 宏观环境

Market 市场

Customers 顾客

Competitors 竞争对手

Suppliers and distributors 供应商和分销商

3. Internal Marketing Audit 内部市场审计

Operating Results 经营成果

Strategic Issues Analysis 战略问题分析

Marketing Mix Effectiveness 营销组合有效性

Marketing Structures and Systems 营销结构和系统

4. SWOT Analysis SWOT分析

Strengths 优势

Weaknesses 弱点

Opportunities 机会

Threats 威胁

5. Marketing Objectives 营销目标

Strategic Thrust 战略重点

Strategic Objectives 战略目标

6. Core Strategy 核心战略

Target Market(s) 目标市场

Competitor Targets 竞争对手目标

Competitive Advantage 竞争优势

7. Marketing Mix Decisions 营销组合决策

Product 产品

Promotion 推广

Price 价格

Place 地点

8. Organization and Implementation 组织和执行

9. Control 控制

Reference List 参考清单

1.Business Mission 商业使命

Yumia Corporation is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the United Kingdom. The company manufactures high-end earphones, headphones and smart watches. The business mission of this company is to establish itself as a leading manufacturer of personal entertainment and smart wearable devices. Thus, this company’s mission statement is:


Our mission is to inspire the world through entertainment and digital connectivity.

Speaking from this point of view, there is a need to observe that as a company, Yumia Corporation has a mission to inspire its target consumers through entertainment, which relies on extensive connectivity of its products. As such, apart from manufacturing entertainment products, the company also manufactures wearable products that can be connected to smartphones and headphones via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. To further promote its business mission, this company intends to launch a sports smart watch in the United Kingdom in 2019.


从这个角度讲,需要注意的是,作为一家公司,Yumia Corporation的使命是通过娱乐来激励其目标消费者,娱乐依赖于其产品的广泛连通性。因此,除了制造娱乐产品外,该公司还制造可穿戴产品,可通过Wi-Fi和蓝牙技术连接到智能手机和耳机。为了进一步推进其业务使命,该公司计划于2019年在英国推出一款运动智能手表。