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2. External Marketing Audit 外部营销审计

Macro environment 宏观环境

An analysis of the United Kingdom as an external environment of Yumia Corporation using the PESTLE framework reveals a number of things. From a political perspective, the United Kingdom is one of the most stable, prosperous and influential nations in the world, and plays a critical role in influencing different issues on an international scene such as trade treaties (MarketLine 2014). Whereas it is was a member of the European Union, its Brexit referendum in June 2016 implies that the United Kingdom is likely to leave this regional bloc, which may have a significant impact on its access to majority European market (Barker and Brunsden, 2018). With respect to its economic landscape, there is a need to observe that the United Kingdom has a GDP of $2.622 trillion, a GDP per capita of $39,720.44 and an annual growth rate of 1.8 percent (MarketLine 2014). Furthermore, this country boasts of low employment rate, which is currently at 4 percent. With respect to its social dimension, this country had a population of 65.572 million people in 2016, and is expected to reach 68.203 million people in 2022.

使用PESTLE框架对英国作为Yumia公司外部环境的分析揭示了一些事情。从政治角度看,英国是世界上最稳定、最繁荣和更具影响力的之一,在影响贸易条约等国际舞台上的不同问题方面发挥着关键作用(MarketLine 2014)。尽管英国是欧盟成员国,但其2016年6月的脱欧公投意味着英国有可能离开该地区集团,这可能对其进入欧洲多数市场产生重大影响(Barker和Brunsden,2018)。关于其经济前景,需要注意的是,英国的GDP为2.622万亿美元,人均GDP为39720.44美元,年增长率为1.8%(MarketLine 2014)。此外,该国的就业率很低,目前为4%。就社会层面而言,2016年该国人口为6557.2万,预计2022年将达到68203万。

Similarly, an analysis of its technology landscape indicates that 56.54 million people in this country had access to the internet, and this number grew by approximately 13.49 percent every year. Furthermore, the United Kingdom has a significant high mobile phone penetration, which stood at 131.30 per 100 people in 2013 (MarketLine 2014). This implies that there were some consumers in this nation who had more than one mobile phone. However, the country faces low supply of workforce in the research and development sector, which could have a negative impact on innovation. With regard to the legal perspective, the United Kingdom has a legal system that promotes a high level of fairness. Similarly, this country has strong legal system to protect intellectual property rights (MarketLine 2014). Moreover, as compared to most European countries, the United Kingdom has a lower tax rate. Lastly, on an environmental perspective, the United Kingdom has consistently encouraged investors to increase the use of green energy and as such, reduce carbon emissions.

同样,对其技术前景的分析表明,这个有5654万人可以使用互联网,这个数字每年增长约13.49%。此外,英国的手机普及率很高,2013年为131.30/100(MarketLine 2014)。这意味着这个有一些消费者拥有不止一部手机。然而,该国研发部门的劳动力供应不足,这可能对创新产生负面影响。关于法律方面,联合王国有一个促进高度公平的法律制度。同样,该国拥有强大的保护知识产权的法律体系(MarketLine 2014)。此外,与大多数欧洲相比,英国的税率更低。最后,从环境角度来看,联合王国一贯鼓励投资者增加绿色能源的使用,从而减少碳排放。

Market 集市

The smart watch market is growing at a rapid rate. According to Allied Market Research (2015), this market could reach $32.9 billion by 2020. Similarly, the Digital Journal (2018) predicts that between 2018 and 2022, the smart watch market will experience a compound annual growth rate of approximately 21 percent. Thus, the smart watch market is growing at a rapid rate, and can offer significant value and returns to investors beyond 2022. Importantly, there is a growing preference for smart watch products that can be interconnected to other devices such as smart phones and entertainment products such as headphones and earphones through wireless technology such as Bluetooth, infrared and/or Wi-Fi.

智能手表市场正在快速增长。根据Allied Market Research(2015),到2020年,该市场可能达到329亿美元。同样,《数字杂志》(2018年)预测,在2018年至2022年间,智能手表市场将经历大约21%的复合年增长率。因此,智能手表市场正以快速增长的速度增长,并能在2022年后为投资者提供可观的价值和回报。重要的是,人们越来越倾向于通过蓝牙、红外和/或Wi-Fi等无线技术与智能手机等其他设备以及耳机和耳机等娱乐产品互连的智能手表产品。

Customers 客户

The main customers of Yumia and as such, of its new smart watch, will mainly include consumer aged between 18 and 30 years. In reference to Hsiao, Chang and Tang (2016), the young generations of consumers were likely to consume technology products on the market as compared to the older generation of consumers. This is a result of the fact that they found it easy to adopt and use different kinds of technology in the market. In addition to this, there is a need to note that the rating of products on social media has a significant effect on their purchase behaviour. Hajli (2014) notes consumers between the age group of 18 and 30 years spend much time on social media, and were likely to purchase products online.